Day 5: Wrapping Up this Module

About this day

Our focus on this day is to connect all the dots by revisiting the core questions we posed at the beginning of the module.

  1. How does feminism help us to defend freedom?

  2. How does feminism give us expanded notions of freedom?

  3. How does feminism give us insights that are neglected in other traditions?

We will also be evaluating the module and giving feedback to the facilitators. Through a creative exercise, we will make concrete links between our struggles, movements, campaigns and key insights that the feminist tradition offers us. Is feminism a theory of struggle? How can feminism help us in conducting our everyday politics and struggles?

Objectives for this day

At the end of this day participants should be able to reflect on the module in its entirety, the key lessons, concepts and the experience as a whole. Participants will also have an understanding of the preparation required before the next module.

Day activity sessions

This day comprises the following activities: