Day 2: Why Feminism?

About this day

Some have argued that the stakes for every struggle for freedom today have been transformed from efforts to win modest reforms into battles for survival, in the midst of worsening living conditions, the challenge to democratic rule and the erosion of freedoms won. New and strengthened terrains are needed to stand up to exploitation, domination and oppression if there is is to be any hope for freedom.

Today we are asking if it is possible to reimagine freedom and the quest for justice through a feminist lens? Can feminism stand up by (re) asserting what counts as a feminist issue with respect to different race and class orientation; with a consideration of queer, trans, and disabled women; and through a radical and transformative challenge as part of the struggle of achieving freedom?

To consider these questions, we need to build an understanding of what feminism is and look into its historical development. This will enable us to look to the future of what feminism can do in helping us overcome the challenges to freedom from inequality, authoritarianism and big data. But why feminism?

Objectives for this day

At the end of this day participants should have an understanding of feminism, its historical evolution and a strong basis for thinking about feminist responses to freedom.

Day activity sessions

This day comprises the following activities: