Activity 7: Freedom songs and slogans

1 hours 30 minutes


Using songs, poems and slogans about freedom, this activity will help us to make the link between the idea of freedom and struggles for social change.


The idea of freedom has been invoked historically by different layers of society. It appears in political speeches, songs, slogans and poems that define different eras and struggles. Sometimes, it has been invoked by those in power to justify their rule. Many times, it is taken up by the oppressed in their efforts to challenge their oppression. The meaning of freedom is always shifting and changing. The meanings can range from restoring what has been lost to questioning an unjust order and making claims about the future.


For this task you will be divided into 4 groups. Each group will listen to (and watch) a song from a particular era of struggle. On a set of flashcards provided to your group, write your responses to these questions:

  1. What is the relationship between the idea of freedom and struggles for social change?

  2. Write down your responses on the flashcards provided and be prepared to compare your flashcards with those of the other groups.

You have 50 minutes for this task.

We will conclude this session with a 40 minutes plenary presentation, consolidating the ideas of freedom generated through the group work.

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