Activity 6: Feminist/ism through time: Poster making on the waves and beyond

1 hour


To help us to consolidate our work from earlier by building a huge poster of the wave your reading group explored.


Poster making is a fun and creative way for us to share our learnings with each other.


Firstly, you will need to find the other group that was working on the same wave as you were. As a combined group you will need to produce a poster, using the materials provided by the facilitator, as well as your own creativity, to illustrate the wave you had been reading about.

For the wave you are working on, your poster must include:

  • The freedoms denied during this wave
  • The demands/claims for freedom of this wave
  • The slogans and popular imagery used
  • The victories and achievements as well as the challenges for feminists/ism
  • The blind spots, silences and critiques faced by feminist of this wave

Be creative! But don’t lose the answers to the questions you were tasked with.

Be ready to present your posters in the morning. You will have between 10-15 minutes for the presentation of your poster, which will be followed by critical feedback from the resource person that was allocated to your group.

📖️ Handout