Activity 2: Women and freedom in SA today

2 hours 15 minutes


Drawing upon your responses to the assignment between modules, this activity aims to produce a conversation about the state of freedom and women in South Africa today.


In the local context women have wide ranging views on whether they are free. These views are excavated in this activity in order to assess where we stand on women’s freedom in South Africa today.


Working in the group you were assigned to yesterday (Wednesday afternoon), you will spend time consolidating your work and deciding on how your group wishes to present their findings.

You will need to ensure that your group presentation focuses on the common themes, key words, and distinctive features of the research each of you did through the interview task assigned.

Your presentation will connect to the visual items already exhibited.

We will conclude this task with a plenary discussion on the question ‘Are women free or unfree in South Africa today?’ and the lesson learnt from the assignment and this exercise.